How to get Food Delivered to Your Door

September 26th, 2013


Despite the interconnectedness of today’s digital world, people are still limited to the same old restaurant chains near their home. Foodydirect revitalizes the home-dining experience with signature meals delivered from some of America’s finest restaurants. A simple click-through illustrates the ease and selection of ordering food online. Whether your palate prefers Maine lobster or Texas barbeque, the website creates an enriching experience to planning your next feast.

Fair Warning: Do not visit the site while hungry.
A deep dish slice of pepperoni pizza freshly delivered from Buffalo transforms a walk around the cul-de-sac into a New York experience. Crab Cakes fished from Maryland hatcheries invoke the local flavor of the Chesapeake Bay. Northern California’s aromatic blend of local coffee makes any morning special. The sheer variety and assured quality of the food may cause tough decisions; fortunately even the smallest of occasions can be celebrated with an evening of home dining. Simply explore the site to find the right meal and confirm your order for the day it’s needed. The site is a slice of paradise on the web, presenting something for everyone.

Not all those who wander are lost. achieves a place in the favorites folder as it provides both the accessibility to regional delicacies and the convenience of online ordering. The website offers a form of window shopping that is sure to excite. The simple layout packs a punch, offering a number of ways to intuitively navigate the vast menu. While it can be convenient to sort by restaurants or types of cuisine, there is more adventure in browsing by photo, fully taking in the smorgasbord of different foods. The blog is a happening corner of the website that posts everything from how-to videos to mouth-watering articles on some of the most celebrated foods. The low shipping fee makes everything possible, costing considerably less than the gratuity and travel associated with dining out. The scheduled delivery makes it an excellent option for planning special events or sending a gift.

The access to amazing food nationwide presents a lot of opportunity for planning any meal. Instead of ordering from the restaurants nearby, consider the equally convenient option of ordering a Philly cheese steak or Duff’s famous wings from their place of origin. From online to the door, there is no easier way to host a culinary experience in the home.



Why Chefs Need Uniforms In The Kitchen

August 10th, 2012

Chef’s uniforms are standard in all fine restaurants; the white uniform denotes cleanliness and makes other employees aware of the chef’s elevated status within the kitchen. Standard uniforms for chefs include a white hat and a double-breasted white cotton jacket known in the industry as “whites”. Easily bleached, white uniforms always appear clean to restaurant patrons. Many of the chef and staff uniforms can be purchased at sites like

The iconic chef’s white double-breasted jacket is more than just a piece of clothing; the long sleeved jacket provides protection for chefs from the dangers of the kitchen. Chefs need uniforms to protect them from burns, searing heat and spilled liquids. White jackets repel heat from burners and ovens, providing the chef with a small amount of relief from the ever-present heat from cooking. Hot liquids that splatter land on the uniform, allowing the wearer to remove his or her jacket quickly, before the burning sauce or boiling hot oil can burn skin. Stains are easily hidden with double-breasted jackets, as they are reversible.

The traditional chef’s uniform also includes a toque, the brimless pleated white hat. Traditionally, the head chef wears the highest hat, while other, lesser chefs and cooks wore shorter hats. The higher the hat, the more air circulates under the hat, keeping the chef cool. The chef’s hat is necessary to prevent hairs from accidentally falling into food being prepared in the kitchen and to help catch perspiration.

Traditional chef’s uniforms may include black and white checkered or pinstripe trousers. The patterned trousers hide stains, which are inevitable in a busy kitchen.

Chef’s uniforms are necessary for the chef’s protection but the uniform also portrays the chef’s professionalism, which appeals to restaurant patrons. Whenever a chef is in public view, he or she should be in clean whites, sans apron if the chef occasionally wears an apron in the kitchen.




Top latin restaurants in the world

February 15th, 2012

The world is quickly learning that some of the best food comes from Latin restaurants. These restaurants often rely on unique ingredients from the Amazon, along with artistic flair to make their business boom. These restaurants employ the most advanced tools and technology. It wouldn’t be surprising to see something like’s restaurant PoS suite being used in these establishments. Some of the world’s most creative chefs are working in these Latin restaurants. With the closure of El Bulli last year, diners around the world are hunting a new favorite destination.

The top Latin restaurant in the world is D.O.M. in São Paulo, Brazil. Top chef Alex Atala has scoured the Amazon to bring his dining guest the best in ingredients. He has then carefully crafted the food like an artist would mold clay. He truly combines the ingredients in unique ways done nowhere else in the world. Try one of the tasting menus when dining at this restaurant.

Another outstanding Latin restaurant is Malabar in Lima, Peru. Top chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino has also worked hard to find unique foods from the Amazon. While the atmosphere of this restaurant is not as upscale as D.O.M. guests are immediately greeted with a large plate of appetizers upon entering the restaurant. When dining at this restaurant make sure and try the lechon crocante con lucuma.

When in Santiaguino, Chilie make sure and plan a stop at Puerto Fuy. Chef Giancarlo Mazzarelli has scoured Chile and beyond to come up with the very finest in ingredients. Make reservations ahead of time to enjoy the Easter Island tuna or the Patagonian lamb. No chef in the world may be as talented at using salts from around the world.

Chain restaurants are known around the world for bad food, but not so with Astrid and Gaston, although the original location in Lima, Peru remains the best. The husband and wife team feature old family favorites with their own unique twists. When in their restaurants try the La Mar cebichería, or the Tanta peruvian bistro.

Latin cooking is a wonderful delicacy found in several different countries. Plan a trip today to one of these wonderful locations.

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The Best Latin Food Restaurants in Europe

October 24th, 2011

Latin cuisine includes some of the most amazing blends of exotic spices and aromatic dishes that tantalize the taste buds with sweet and sour, spicy and subtle citrus flavors. There are wide assortments of different foods that not only have a multitude of diverse cultural influences but can be found worldwide.

A lot of Latin foods include maize-based dishes like tamales and pupusas along with various salsas and complementary fares such as guacamole, pebre, pico de gallo, mole and chimichurri. Some of the more distinctive aromatic spices include chile peppers, garlic, cumin, various chiles, cilantro, tamatillos, oregano, turmeric, black pepper and salt. For it is the spice that commonly gives Lain food its authentic and unique flavor.

Since Latin food is so diverse in its cultural background yet unique in its own flavor, there are a multitude of Latin food restaurants emerging in Europe. In fact, Latin food is becoming quite the rave in many European counties. If you are booking any vacation rentals in Europe you might want to base you decision on location and the nearest Latin cuisine.

Les Caves Saint Gilles
4 Rue Saint-Gilles; Paris France

An authentic bistro that is tucked in the Marais district of Paris near the famous Place des Vosges. Established in 1992, is one of the first Tapas bars in Paris. It has a fine décor of tiled walls and colorful Latin posters. Serves hot and cold tapas, a variety of fish, squid, charizo, fresh vegetables and grilled or Plancha style meats. Includes a wide array of wines.

Casa Cuesta
Calle de Zaragoza, 50; Seville Spain

One of the most ancient Tapa bars in Triana located close to Madrid Street around the central area. A popular place for local people that is very casual. Has an amazing assortment of fish and fresh produce. A great place if you are on a budget.

La Tasca
367 Union St, Aberdeen, AB11 6BT Scotland

Just a 10 minute walk from Summer Street car park and the train station. Nearby there are cinemas, a variety of shops and local entertainment; an ideal spot for vacation rentals. Serves authentic cuisine like chorizo, serrano ham, meat paella, Manchego cheese, fresh olive breads and vegetables including squid Andalusian salad and vegetarian paellla.

Prague, Czech Republic
Ujezd 38, Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the heart of the city and perfect for easy access to other shops or vacation rentals. A pleasant and romantic hacienda with a lively atmosphere. Authentic Tex-Mex that is sure to delight the palate like chimichangas, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas and vegetarian cuisine. Serve a hot salsa and a mean margarita.

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The Best Cities For Latin Food

August 21st, 2011

The Americas are home to a delicious blend of cooking styles known as Latin American food. The food can be described as a mixture of influences from European, African and indigenous cultures. The cuisines are extremely diverse depending on the country. Travelers can learn about the best cities to sample these tasty cuisines by reading this article.


Lima is well known for its delicious Peruvian cuisine. The food shares influences from Spain, Africa, China, Japan and Europe. Corn, potatoes, rice, wheat, meat and beans make up a Peruvian cuisine. There are also 20 native fruits, which are used in Peruvian cooking. When travelers want to dine in Lima, they can find five different influences and the strongest is Spanish. Some examples of the Peruvian dish include the Peruvian empanadas, Lomo, saltado and Butifarra.

Peruvian empanadas


Chihuahua is a capital city in Northern Mexico with cuisines that still retain cultural influences from Spain. Travelers searching for authentic Mexican style food can find it in this city. Traditional ingredients used in the foods will include maize, beans, tomatoes, tortillas, tequila, chili peppers and beef. When dining in this wonderful city, visitors can try Mexican Dried Beef with Eggs, Filet Mignon with Tomatillo-Chipotle Sauce and Tamaulipas-Style Fajitas.

Mexican Dried Beef with Eggs

Santo Domingo

The food in Santo Domingo shares influences from Spain and Africa however the names of the dishes are going to be different from other countries in Latin America. The Dominicans prefer a lot of rice, meat and beans accompanied with sofrito, which is a mix of local herbs. Visitors will not find an abundance of dairy products and vegetables mixed with the cuisines, however some of the best dishes in the Caribbean will be available. These dishes include chicharrón, which is made of fried pork rinds, yuca the fruit, and the popular chimichurris sandwiches.

Chimichurris Sandwiches

Buenos Aires

This city is famous for salsa and the Argentine cuisine. The cuisine has a indigenous Mediterranean influence, which gives it a distinctive taste. When visiting this country, tourist will notice the social gatherings for food and tasty dishes. These foods will include milanesa, panchos and empanadas.


Latin American cuisines are very diverse with a history that dates back to colonial times. The dishes typically share influences from Europe, Africa and indigenous cultures. The best of these cuisines can be found in Lima, Chihuahua, Santo Domingo and Buenos Aires. Travelers should book a flight to these cities and experience traditional cuisines.

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How to create your new restaurant’s website

July 3rd, 2011

A website for your restaurant could end up being a valuable addition to your marketing initiative. Websites provide a way for you to connect with your prospective customers. While you could just post your hours of operation and location, your website could also list any specials that you’re running, your menu, and even a newsletter subscription option that gives your most loyal customers regular discounts or other incentives to keep coming back.

Creating a website for your restaurant involves several steps. First, you’ll need to decide on the purpose for your website. Will it be used just to display your store location or do you want it to function as part of a larger marketing initiative? Making sure that you understand the purpose for your site will prevent you from overpaying for design services. A simple website will obviously cost far less than a website that uses animated flash or requires a database for mailing lists and other more complex site features.

Secondly, you should shop around for a designer that fits your needs. If your website is a simple project, you can potentially hire a local college student who can easily use a site-builder software to create your site. Contact your local community college, or contact a nearby college that has a good graphics design program. Let the faculty know that you would like to give their best student some real-world design experience. While a student may not produce the same quality of work as a professional company, you may be able to get your site done for free. On the other hand, if your job requires a lot of work, you should not hesitate to hire a professional design company. Professional design companies are more willing to spend the time necessary to make sure every detail of your website functions properly, they can troubleshoot problems with the site as they arise, and they can provide regular maintenance for the site.

Finally, make sure that you let your current customers know about your site as well as potential customers. Just because you build it doesn’t mean people will come to your site. You have to actively promote it. If you already have a regular crowd of people, you could start handing out business cards with the checks or post a sign on in the restaurant somewhere advertising your new website. You could also provide a card with the bill that allows people to sign up for a free newsletter on your website for special promotions.


The Best Latin Food Dishes

June 13th, 2011

Travel the world by way of your taste buds. Latin food can come from the Caribbean, Pueto Rico, and Cuba and the Americas. For some of us the most familiar Latin food is Mexican cuisine, but there are an abundance of flavorful dishes that go beyond Mexican food and introduce intricate flavors and textures. The food is enlivened by the abundance of fresh tropical fruits, and exotic spices.

Latin dishes often use rice or quinoa for their starch component, and non alcoholic beverages are different teas, coffee, and cocoa and fruit punches. All of these items are fair trade goods and by purchasing them and cooking with them you support sustainable agriculture in Latin American countries.

Some examples of Latin cooking include shredded beef, seasoned and served over rice. Seafood and shrimp are also staples. Often they are seasoned with blends of dried or smoked chiles, coriander, or cumin. Cilantro, the leafy plant from which coriander comes plays a featured role in this cuisine as well.  There are a few Latin dishes that are considered no carb foods including assortment of meats, beans and low carb vegetables, but a good amount of Latin food does have rice, a main high carb ingredient.

We have adopted many foods with Latin flavoring. Tamales, beans with rice, flan, pepperpot and seafood stews. We eat plantains, a cooking banana, and mangos, a delicious fruit often eaten raw or made into a delicious mousse like pudding. Many upscale restaurants feature Hearts of Palm salad, a dish that is common in Costa Rica, as well as other vegetable salads served in vinaigrette dressings.Mexican and Caribbean cuisine is popular today and it is best presented with authentic Latin cheeses. These are fresh white cheeses. Sometimes known as Queso Blanco, Queso Fresco, and Panela they are mild and deliciously creamy, suitable for pouring or dipping. These cheeses are the finishing touch to Latin dishes.

Enjoy a Latin meal with appetizers such as empanadas, a type of fried pie, or fritters followed by a hearty soup, made with seafood or chicken or beef, seasoned with chiles and other spices. An entree with sides could be seasoned beef or chicken strips accompanied by rice and bean dishes. Enjoy the taste of fried plantain or yucca fritters to accompany your meal and complete your dining experience with fresh fruit or flan or arroz con leche for dessert. Meals can be served with appropriate wines, or with yerba mate, coffee or tea, which is usually served

Latin cooking is full of flavor and freshness. Enjoy foods from many nations and support free trade goods and fine dining.

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How to Advertise Your Restaurant

May 27th, 2011

When starting a new restaurant or attracting new business to a current restaurant, advertising is key. While some restaurants choose to use fancy commercials and expensive advertising space in newspapers and magazines, often a simpler, less expensive approach will give you more business.

Begin to advertise your restaurant by learning about your typical customer. Show up at events and stores where your ideal customer is likely to be. If you appeal to families, show up at local parks, high school football games, children’s soccer and baseball games and community festivals. While there, attract customers by providing them with free samples, coupons and items with your name and location, such as promotional pens, custom keychains or t-shirts. If your restaurant is more upscale, head to local office buildings with free samples for lunch, professional looking promotional pens and coupons for $5 or $10 off a future purchase. Ask to place signs in non-competing businesses that attract the same type of customer you hope to bring to your restaurant.

You will want to create a website that will be able to properly describe your restaurant. It is pretty simple nowadays to create a website for your business. There are many resources for you to use in order to make a restaurant website the most optimized for your customers. For instance there are many web templates that will help your restaurant create a presence on the internet. You can visit here for a selection of wordpress themes to get yourself started.

Obtain free or inexpensive local advertising for your restaurant. Set up a booth at a local festival and pass out promotional pens and other items. Hold a charity event or special promotion at your restaurant, such as donating a portion of your proceeds for the day to a local charity or holding an eating contest. Contact local newspapers or television channels to cover the event.

Encourage repeat business to your restaurant by providing customers with something to entice them to come back. Provide a “bring a friend” coupon with all purchases and give customers a discount on their next meal if they refer a friend to the restaurant. Give customers a promotional pen when they sign their credit card statement and ask them to bring back the pen for a free appetizer or special treat.

Utilize social networking to advertise your business. Create free social networking sites and allow customers to connect with your restaurant and easily share it with friends. Include all pertinent information on the website, including your menu, hours and directions to your location to make it easy for new customers to check you out.

With a limited advertising budget, a few promotional items and a community and online presence, you can easily advertise your restaurant and attract a wealth of new customers.


How To Find Latin Food Near You

April 11th, 2011

If you love Latin food, you might wonder what Latin restaurants are in your area. There are a couple of ways that you can locate this information and this process can be much easier then you think. Before you know it you will be visiting the Latin restaurants where you live and this can help you to get the food that you crave right in your own neighborhood.

The first thing you want to do is to look in your local phone book. This is a great place to find any type of restaurant you desire. You will likely have a couple of options that you can try and this will also inform you of any restaurants that you might miss if they are in a location that you do not frequent very often. When you have choices, you will be able to try out a couple and determine which Latin restaurants are your favorite where you live.

Another great way to find Latin food near you is with your computer. There are some great advantages to using your computer that you will quickly learn about. Some sites online provide daily deals for restuarants and also give you reviews. This can show you which restaurants are most popular and this can help you decide which ones are worth exploring on your own. If you find a Latin restaurant that you love, you can rate this place and this can help you to show others which Latin restaurants are worth the time.

If you are looking online you can usually save this search and the next time you are in the mood for Latin food you can easily turn to this information for guidance.

If you know someone where you live that loves Latin food, you can ask them where they go locally. This can be a great, insider resource that you can use to help you uncover spots that other people may not know about. This can also provide you with someone you can go to dinner with that loves Latin food. You might find the restaurant you have been looking for when you begin to ask around.

When you learn how to find Latin food where you live, you can enjoy this cuisine and you will likely have a couple of different choices to help you feed this craving. Many areas have choices in Latin food and you just need to find out where this is where you live.

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How to Open a Latin Food Restaurant

March 21st, 2011

Opening a Latin food restaurant is not an easy task. It takes plenty of hard work and planning, but if you do everything the right way, then the outcome can be very rewarding. You need to acquire a few things before you can start your restaurant, but it’s always a good idea to have some things in mind. The first thing you should be looking for is a location. Next, you need to set up a menu and decide on your decorum. You need to purchase equipment and furniture. There are many business loans available to help you with your start up costs. Finally, you need to staff your restaurant.

Get an idea of the ideal location for your restaurant. Ideally, this will be in a high traffic area, with great visibility. If you have a built in clientele, who will come to your restaurant regardless of how far off the beaten path you are, then this is less of a concern. For any upstart restaurant, location is key. If you are somewhere that has a large amount of businesses in the area, then you are going to have heavy lunch traffic. If you are in an area with a large amount of residences, expect more of a dinner crowd. The farther you are from other Latin food restaurants, the more unique you are to that location.

Next, you need to get an idea for what your menu will be. This helps you get an idea for what type of equipment you will need. This is also what is going to set you apart from other restaurants in the area. After you have a location picked, start thinking of how many people it will take to staff your restaurant, and how much their work is worth. Once you have these things in mind, you can start to build a budget.

When you come up with the number that you need, it’s time to see a loan officer. The loan officer can discuss the options, tell you about a number of different loans to consider, and help you decide which of them is right for you.  Make sure to keep track of all of your expenses and income so that if you need to file at the tax extension deadline you will have all the necessary paperwork to back up your tax claims.  Taxation should never be overlooked if you run your own business because there are different ways to write off taxes, including employee health benefits, kitchen appliances or almost any type of expense that you incur during the tax year.  After you have your finances secure, you can begin building your restaurant, buying your equipment, setting up your staff, and start making food in the restaurant you have always dreamed of owning.

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