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The Best Latin Food Dishes

June 13th, 2011

Travel the world by way of your taste buds. Latin food can come from the Caribbean, Pueto Rico, and Cuba and the Americas. For some of us the most familiar Latin food is Mexican cuisine, but there are an abundance of flavorful dishes that go beyond Mexican food and introduce intricate flavors and textures. The food is enlivened by the abundance of fresh tropical fruits, and exotic spices.

Latin dishes often use rice or quinoa for their starch component, and non alcoholic beverages are different teas, coffee, and cocoa and fruit punches. All of these items are fair trade goods and by purchasing them and cooking with them you support sustainable agriculture in Latin American countries.

Some examples of Latin cooking include shredded beef, seasoned and served over rice. Seafood and shrimp are also staples. Often they are seasoned with blends of dried or smoked chiles, coriander, or cumin. Cilantro, the leafy plant from which coriander comes plays a featured role in this cuisine as well.  There are a few Latin dishes that are considered no carb foods including assortment of meats, beans and low carb vegetables, but a good amount of Latin food does have rice, a main high carb ingredient.

We have adopted many foods with Latin flavoring. Tamales, beans with rice, flan, pepperpot and seafood stews. We eat plantains, a cooking banana, and mangos, a delicious fruit often eaten raw or made into a delicious mousse like pudding. Many upscale restaurants feature Hearts of Palm salad, a dish that is common in Costa Rica, as well as other vegetable salads served in vinaigrette dressings.Mexican and Caribbean cuisine is popular today and it is best presented with authentic Latin cheeses. These are fresh white cheeses. Sometimes known as Queso Blanco, Queso Fresco, and Panela they are mild and deliciously creamy, suitable for pouring or dipping. These cheeses are the finishing touch to Latin dishes.

Enjoy a Latin meal with appetizers such as empanadas, a type of fried pie, or fritters followed by a hearty soup, made with seafood or chicken or beef, seasoned with chiles and other spices. An entree with sides could be seasoned beef or chicken strips accompanied by rice and bean dishes. Enjoy the taste of fried plantain or yucca fritters to accompany your meal and complete your dining experience with fresh fruit or flan or arroz con leche for dessert. Meals can be served with appropriate wines, or with yerba mate, coffee or tea, which is usually served

Latin cooking is full of flavor and freshness. Enjoy foods from many nations and support free trade goods and fine dining.

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