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The Best Cities For Latin Food

August 21st, 2011

The Americas are home to a delicious blend of cooking styles known as Latin American food. The food can be described as a mixture of influences from European, African and indigenous cultures. The cuisines are extremely diverse depending on the country. Travelers can learn about the best cities to sample these tasty cuisines by reading this article.


Lima is well known for its delicious Peruvian cuisine. The food shares influences from Spain, Africa, China, Japan and Europe. Corn, potatoes, rice, wheat, meat and beans make up a Peruvian cuisine. There are also 20 native fruits, which are used in Peruvian cooking. When travelers want to dine in Lima, they can find five different influences and the strongest is Spanish. Some examples of the Peruvian dish include the Peruvian empanadas, Lomo, saltado and Butifarra.

Peruvian empanadas


Chihuahua is a capital city in Northern Mexico with cuisines that still retain cultural influences from Spain. Travelers searching for authentic Mexican style food can find it in this city. Traditional ingredients used in the foods will include maize, beans, tomatoes, tortillas, tequila, chili peppers and beef. When dining in this wonderful city, visitors can try Mexican Dried Beef with Eggs, Filet Mignon with Tomatillo-Chipotle Sauce and Tamaulipas-Style Fajitas.

Mexican Dried Beef with Eggs

Santo Domingo

The food in Santo Domingo shares influences from Spain and Africa however the names of the dishes are going to be different from other countries in Latin America. The Dominicans prefer a lot of rice, meat and beans accompanied with sofrito, which is a mix of local herbs. Visitors will not find an abundance of dairy products and vegetables mixed with the cuisines, however some of the best dishes in the Caribbean will be available. These dishes include chicharrĂ³n, which is made of fried pork rinds, yuca the fruit, and the popular chimichurris sandwiches.

Chimichurris Sandwiches

Buenos Aires

This city is famous for salsa and the Argentine cuisine. The cuisine has a indigenous Mediterranean influence, which gives it a distinctive taste. When visiting this country, tourist will notice the social gatherings for food and tasty dishes. These foods will include milanesa, panchos and empanadas.


Latin American cuisines are very diverse with a history that dates back to colonial times. The dishes typically share influences from Europe, Africa and indigenous cultures. The best of these cuisines can be found in Lima, Chihuahua, Santo Domingo and Buenos Aires. Travelers should book a flight to these cities and experience traditional cuisines.

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