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Top latin restaurants in the world

February 15th, 2012

The world is quickly learning that some of the best food comes from Latin restaurants. These restaurants often rely on unique ingredients from the Amazon, along with artistic flair to make their business boom. These restaurants employ the most advanced tools and technology. It wouldn’t be surprising to see something like AmburApp.com’s restaurant PoS suite being used in these establishments. Some of the world’s most creative chefs are working in these Latin restaurants. With the closure of El Bulli last year, diners around the world are hunting a new favorite destination.

The top Latin restaurant in the world is D.O.M. in São Paulo, Brazil. Top chef Alex Atala has scoured the Amazon to bring his dining guest the best in ingredients. He has then carefully crafted the food like an artist would mold clay. He truly combines the ingredients in unique ways done nowhere else in the world. Try one of the tasting menus when dining at this restaurant.

Another outstanding Latin restaurant is Malabar in Lima, Peru. Top chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino has also worked hard to find unique foods from the Amazon. While the atmosphere of this restaurant is not as upscale as D.O.M. guests are immediately greeted with a large plate of appetizers upon entering the restaurant. When dining at this restaurant make sure and try the lechon crocante con lucuma.

When in Santiaguino, Chilie make sure and plan a stop at Puerto Fuy. Chef Giancarlo Mazzarelli has scoured Chile and beyond to come up with the very finest in ingredients. Make reservations ahead of time to enjoy the Easter Island tuna or the Patagonian lamb. No chef in the world may be as talented at using salts from around the world.

Chain restaurants are known around the world for bad food, but not so with Astrid and Gaston, although the original location in Lima, Peru remains the best. The husband and wife team feature old family favorites with their own unique twists. When in their restaurants try the La Mar cebichería, or the Tanta peruvian bistro.

Latin cooking is a wonderful delicacy found in several different countries. Plan a trip today to one of these wonderful locations.

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