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How to get Food Delivered to Your Door

September 26th, 2013


Despite the interconnectedness of today’s digital world, people are still limited to the same old restaurant chains near their home. Foodydirect revitalizes the home-dining experience with signature meals delivered from some of America’s finest restaurants. A simple click-through illustrates the ease and selection of ordering food online. Whether your palate prefers Maine lobster or Texas barbeque, the website creates an enriching experience to planning your next feast.

Fair Warning: Do not visit the site while hungry.
A deep dish slice of pepperoni pizza freshly delivered from Buffalo transforms a walk around the cul-de-sac into a New York experience. Crab Cakes fished from Maryland hatcheries invoke the local flavor of the Chesapeake Bay. Northern California’s aromatic blend of local coffee makes any morning special. The sheer variety and assured quality of the food may cause tough decisions; fortunately even the smallest of occasions can be celebrated with an evening of home dining. Simply explore the site to find the right meal and confirm your order for the day it’s needed. The site is a slice of paradise on the web, presenting something for everyone.

Not all those who wander are lost.
Foodydirect.com achieves a place in the favorites folder as it provides both the accessibility to regional delicacies and the convenience of online ordering. The website offers a form of window shopping that is sure to excite. The simple layout packs a punch, offering a number of ways to intuitively navigate the vast menu. While it can be convenient to sort by restaurants or types of cuisine, there is more adventure in browsing by photo, fully taking in the smorgasbord of different foods. The blog is a happening corner of the website that posts everything from how-to videos to mouth-watering articles on some of the most celebrated foods. The low shipping fee makes everything possible, costing considerably less than the gratuity and travel associated with dining out. The scheduled delivery makes it an excellent option for planning special events or sending a gift.

The access to amazing food nationwide presents a lot of opportunity for planning any meal. Instead of ordering from the restaurants nearby, consider the equally convenient option of ordering a Philly cheese steak or Duff’s famous wings from their place of origin. From online to the door, there is no easier way to host a culinary experience in the home.



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