Study of how excessive sleep may lead to early death

It turns out that gaining a few extra hours of sleep during cold winter nights wrapped under the blankets is a bad idea. According to a recent study published in the European heart journal, it indicated that sleeping excess of the recommended six to eight hours of sleep in adults significantly enhanced early mortality rate by 41 percent and prone to CVD or cardiovascular diseases.

There is no doubt that gaining a sufficient amount of sleep is necessary for health. Do you know what happens if you don’t sleep properly or is sleep deprived? The body will become a victim of inconsistent appetite patterns, lower levels of energy reserves and altered metabolism of glucose. Risks of suffering from cardiovascular diseases can increase when encountering sleep deprivation.


The study was conducted by Chuangashi Wang of China and a team of researchers. The study requires accumulating and examining sleeping pattern data from over 116,632 adults spread across the globe from 21 countries. None of them were the same; instead, they were separate and categorized based on income levels across seven different geographic regions. These selected countries were then subject to further classification based on the gross national income per capita as provided from the World Bank classification. Nations such as UAE, Canada, Sweden, and Saudi were categorized as high-income countries, while Columbia, Iran, China, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Palestine, Philippines, Malaysia, Turkey, Poland, and South Africa were labeled middle-income countries. Low-income countries consisted of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania.


Detrimental to the study, various information about the individual’s lifestyle behaviors such as level of physical activity, rate of alcohol consumption, level of smoking, socioeconomic factors of well-being, medication prescription and family medical history were retrieved using standardized questionnaires presented according to respective local languages. It took an estimate of seven and a half years to examine, evaluate and assess such vital information.

Post analysis of information, the study confirmed that those individuals who slept more than the recommended sleeping hours which is between 6-8 hours experienced heightened chances of suffering fatal ailments such as stroke and heart failure. It was observed that individuals who slept for more than 6 hours at night adding with few hours of rest in the day had elevated chances of suffering early mortality or death and victim of heart diseases as compared to those who slept for a bare minimum of fewer than 6 hours in a night.